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The 42nd IVU World Vegfest earlier scheduled to hold in Africa will now take place in Dubai & India.This became necessary because of the outbreak of the Ebola disease in W/Africa. Click here to have more information and register.

We will provide details on the 43rd IVU World Vegfest  - which will still take place in Africa but now in 2015.  We want to take this opportunity to thank the organisers in Ghana & Togo for all their efforts to ensure that Africa will still host their 1st ever IVU World Vegfest next year.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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    Hidden Animal Products
    What is lipase and tallow?
    Is all lysine animal derived?
    Can the supplements glucosamine and chondroitin be manufactured from non-animal sources?
    What are mono and di-glycerides?
    Is soya lecithin vegetarian?
    Do the omega 3 fats in linseeds become oxidised when linseeds are used in baking, such as in bread?
    Recently, I learned that pepsin is a chemical which contains pig blood and is used in Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola. Is that true?
    Are emulsifiers, enzymes, and stablisers animal derived ingredients?
    Which ingredients in sweets should you avoid? 
    What is cochineal/carmine?
    Which animal derived ingredients kill the animal?
    What is cantharidin?
    Is 'gum base' in chewing gum vegan?
    What is BHT, as found in prepared frozen foods, and most cereals used as a preservative?
    Does low-fat margarine and butter contain animal products?
    Are cashew oils bad for you?