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The 42nd IVU World Vegfest earlier scheduled to hold in Africa will now take place in Dubai & India.This became necessary because of the outbreak of the Ebola disease in W/Africa. Click here to have more information and register.

We will provide details on the 43rd IVU World Vegfest  - which will still take place in Africa but now in 2015.  We want to take this opportunity to thank the organisers in Ghana & Togo for all their efforts to ensure that Africa will still host their 1st ever IVU World Vegfest next year.

IVU World Vegfest schedule

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All the IVU World Vegfests -past and future:

IVU was launched at an International Vegetarian Congress in 1908, in Dresden, Germany. They were then initially annual, but soon changed to every 3 years. By the mid-1950s the name had changed to the World Vegetarian Congress, held every 2 years. Everything vegan since 1996.

For all events before 2012, see: IVU 1908-2010

From 2012 we began the changeover to an annual IVU World Vegfest- with 40th in 2012 designated as a Congress/Vegfest. The Vegfests are being rotated around IVU's six regions, here's the complete list (with regional events in italics):

40th : 2012 North America - San Francisco and Los Angeles, California - links to photos, videos, recipes, reports and the complete program.

  - 2012: 5th SouthEast Asia Veg Congress, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  - 2012 Middle East Veg Seminar, Dubai, UAE
  - 2012: PanAfrica Vegfest, Lomé, Togo, West Africa


41st :
2013 - Asia-Pacific - Kuala Lumpur and Penang, Malaysia, Oct 3-9

  - 2013: India International Vegan Festival - Sep 27-29
  - 2013: 7mo. VegFest Latinoamericano - Nov 1-3

42nd :
2014 - Africa - Accra, Ghana, Oct 1-6 - CENCELLED DUE TO EBOLA OUTBREAK - POSTPONED FOR 2015
- the first ever world veg event in Africa!

43rd : 2015 - Latin America - details soon!

44th : 2016 - India/SW Asia - we're working on it....
- aiming at the first ever world veg event in the Middle East!

45th : 2017 - Europe - we'd like to go East....

46th : 2018 - North America - somewhere different to California.... probably east again....

47th : 2019 - Asia-Pacific - Australia? China?

Then the rota continues as above - further details of locations will be added as they are approved by the IVU International Council

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