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The 42nd IVU World Vegfest earlier scheduled to hold in Africa will now take place in Dubai & India.This became necessary because of the outbreak of the Ebola disease in W/Africa. Click here to have more information and register.

We will provide details on the 43rd IVU World Vegfest  - which will still take place in Africa but now in 2015.  We want to take this opportunity to thank the organisers in Ghana & Togo for all their efforts to ensure that Africa will still host their 1st ever IVU World Vegfest next year.

IVU Regions and Representatives

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IVU divides the world into six regions:
Contact the Regional Representative for your area on the map
- click on names to send a message:

emmanuelEmmanuel Eyoh
- Lagos, Nigeria

IVU Africa - news and reports

East & SE Asia: 
Susianto Tseng
Jakarta, Indonesia 

& Oceania:
Sundara DeSilva
Melbourne, Australia

IVU Asia-Pacific - news and reports

IVU Representative:
India/South Asia
- to be confirmed
- meanwhile, for South Asia
matters please contact
Sandhya (right), she is
originally from India.
South West Asia
(Middle East)
Sandhya Prakash
Dubai, UAE
IVU Asia South & West - news and reports

franceso maurelliFrancesco Maurelli
- Edinburgh, Scotland

IVU/EVU Europe - news and reports


manuelManuel Alfredo Marti
- Buenos Aires, Argentina

IVU Latin America - news and reports

dilipDilip Barman
- North Carolina, USA

IVU North America - news and reports